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12 Days of Christmas Waiting for My Marriage Proposal

December 14, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Waiting for My Marriage Proposal!

Day #1: You tell your BFF you are pretty sure your boyfriend of 1.5 years is going to FINALLY propose on Christmas.

Day #2: Channel Charlotte from Sex And The City and drool at every wedding ring in every store you pass.

Day #3: You grill your boyfriend about “what is in that damn box” every time he gets a delivery. Calm down. It’s gift season.

Day #4: Cry AGAIN during your favorite marriage proposal movies and swear you’re not going to cry when it happens to you. Swear.

Day #5: Rewrite for the 72nd time what you’re going to announce on social media. For the extra dense friends, practice the subtle/not-so-subtle announcement with this mug! Get it here:

Day #6: Scour the internet for insanely expensive and extravagant wedding registry items. Think 12 piece fancy bone china place settings and 3000 count Egyptian cotton sheets. Just because you can.

Day #7. You invite your BFFs over for one last single girl slumber party. Wine, junk food, beauty treatments and gossip ensue.

Day #8: Think through the exes and crushes you’ve had over the years and be happy AF you NEVER HAVE TO BE SINGLE AGAIN.

Day #9: Try to cut down the list of prospective bridesmaids in your head from 12 down to.... He has a big family, right? Ask them in a fun and unique way with these Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes!

Day #10: Relax and get pumped with this Countdown to My Christmas Wedding Proposal playlist:

Day #11: Get a manicure and blow out. Just in case. 😉


Are you or a friend hoping for a Christmas marriage proposal? Come back daily as we countdown the days waiting!

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